Expunging [verb]

Definition of Expunging:

destroy, obliterate

Synonyms of Expunging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expunging:

Sentence/Example of Expunging:

Last week, state lawmakers approved a measure that would automatically expunge certain offenses from a juvenile’s record, a move they already had approved for adults.

Even then, the data might not contain entries for defendants who had their records expunged, which would happen for those who successfully complete pretrial intervention, a program for first-time offenders.

The city attorney’s office has also said it wouldn’t fight anyone’s efforts to have the charge expunged from their record.

“Our office would not stand in the way of anyone’s effort to have this charge expunged from their record,” Nemchik wrote.

Even if a person goes free, his or her personal data remains listed among criminal records unless special steps are taken to expunge it.

On February 25 a motion was proposed and carried to expunge the entry of the vote of thanks.

I either soften or expunge many villanous, seditious Whig strokes, which had crept into it.

Expunge from the Bible all record of actual revelation and reference thereto, and what remains?

It is to expunge from your statute-book all support of Slavery.

It is perhaps well that we should expunge the word absolute from our vocabularies.