Expurgate [verb]

Definition of Expurgate:

censor, cut

Synonyms of Expurgate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expurgate:





Sentence/Example of Expurgate:

The resolutions of the loyalists were curiosities, and the secretary did not always expurgate bad spelling, etc.

Why must Northern publishers expurgate and emasculate the literature of the world before it is permitted to reach them?

The dreamer sees a worshipper—his wife—enter, to palliate or expurgate her soul of some ugly stain.

His speech was two or three words longer, but they are inappropriate at the end of a chapter, and I expurgate.

They would expurgate it from their vocabulary if they could.

If they were not there, les intellectuels of Athens could not expurgate them.

It is admitted that the poets did not in the same way "expurgate" the "Cyclic" epics.

Therefore the editor undertook to expurgate the epigrammatists, especially Catullus and Martial.

Homer himself found such deeds in the tradition; and though he regards them with horror, he cannot expurgate them.

His principal object was to expurgate it from impurities and to supersede it by what he considered a more edifying text.