Exquisitely [adverb]

Definition of Exquisitely:

without flaw

Synonyms of Exquisitely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exquisitely:

Sentence/Example of Exquisitely:

His 2018 debut, “If I Know Me,” had two exquisite hit singles, the lonesome “Whiskey Glasses” and the lonesomer “Chasin’ You.”

His book One Long River of Song is the most exquisite essay collection I’ve ever read.

By combining their signals using a powerful technique known as Very Long Baseline Interferometry, we can pinpoint the position of a signal with exquisite accuracy, such as to a single star.

DeVonta Smith, the out-of-this-world wide receiver who was named Associated Press national player of the year, roamed the field to complete tasks of exquisite difficulty — or sometimes just roamed the field with a football.

A month later, in February 1974, a small, exquisite painting by Vermeer called “The Guitar Player” was stolen from Kenwood House, a museum in Hampstead, England.

Meals with “the General,” as he was commonly called, were strained affairs — all the more reason for the food to be exquisite enough to maintain diners’ focus.

So exquisitely were the two woven together that you could hardly tell where the one left off and the other began.

But she was an exquisitely pretty and engaging little thing, a grand little pal, and worth cultivating.

And I thank God, who gave me the temper to feel grief exquisitely, that he at the same time gave me an equal capacity for joy.

These poems, of a savour so exquisitely strange, cost him no more than any badly rhymed commonplace.