Extant [adjective]

Definition of Extant:

in existence

Synonyms of Extant:

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Sentence/Example of Extant:

As a result, the newly described fossil “fills a gap between the Nile crocodile in Africa and the four extant American species,” Delfino says.

Norumbegam illi nobis nescio quam, vrbsque & castella nominant, quorum hodie ne vmbra quidem aut ipsa vox extant.

Double purfled violins seem never to have left his hands, as none appear to be extant and no mention is made of any.

These four instruments are considered by most of the virtuosi, to be probably the finest examples extant of this great master.

So easy am I in my mind that I have not even sent down to my office to see if the papers are still extant.

Over one hundred panegyrics of various saints written by St. Augustine are still extant.

Among these is the Jewish Cemetery before mentioned, of which no evidence is extant save Bosios description.

Such poems, by Froissart and Charles d'Orleans, are still extant.

To another, John Borland, we owe the best account of the voyage which is now extant.

In some of the extant examples portions of this gold has been removed by inserting a knife between the plates of glass.