Extendable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Extendable:

That’s why your campaign should run before Cyber Week and extend throughout the entire holiday season.

Then drive through the midfoot of your front foot, and push yourself back up to standing, with both legs extended.

Over the last two decades, Google has emerged as the clear leader in consumer search, but they’ve failed to extend their reach into vertical search engines.

Sealing the cracks, whichever way you do it, should greatly extend the life of the pavement by helping to keep out water, especially in winter.

It would essentially extend downtown San Diego north of Little Italy.

Discontented with their limited opportunity, six working-class women from New York petitioned the state’s 1846 constitutional convention to extend their political rights.

Those changes could include further extending the lengths of their videos, enhancing their videos’ production quality or adjusting the pace of their videos because it may be easier to maintain a CTV viewer’s interest.

Powell said the Fed was “just now turning” to questions about whether to extend the emergency lending programs beyond the end of this year.

On Wednesday, Tampa International Airport announced it would extend its program through the end of the year after seeing stronger-than-anticipated demand.

Some publishers have been satisfied with their social video footprints extending them into the living room through YouTube’s and Facebook’s CTV apps.