Extending [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Extending:

However, she cautions, with extended use the device may wear down.

Amazon has a strong corporate culture that extends across their offices and their warehouses, so we’ll likely see them trying to keep their office teams working together as much as possible.

Early in the pandemic, Starbucks expanded emergency pay for store staff impacted by the coronavirus and extended it through May 31 for those diagnosed or directly exposed to Covid-19.

According to Bunker, she and other LGBTQ state representatives focused on extending this language to other areas of state law.

Your left leg should be extended, with your foot flat on the floor.

Because the study was small and lacked participant diversity, it’s unclear whether the positive results would extend to wider populations.

The Free Britney movement takes this sense of constraint and extends it.

That could potentially extend storms’ destructive power farther inland, the researchers say.

In the earliest weeks of the pandemic, Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act to temporarily extend paid leave benefits to those needing to care for themselves or their families during this health crisis.

Not only does the Cold Weather extend above your calf, it features three layers of insulation on the front panel to help protect your shins from windchill.