Extends [verb]

Definition of Extends:

make larger, longer

Synonyms of Extends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extends:

Sentence/Example of Extends:

Pus-casts may appear if the process extends up into the kidney tubules (see Fig. 62).

She extends the end of her body till it is like an auger, and with this she bores a deep hole in the earth.

That is not the case with the one that extends northwest and southeast, for it is flooded with sunlight most of the day.

In the Brazils a conflagration of this kind never extends very far, as the vegetation is too green and offers too much opposition.

This valley extends for approximately three hundred and fifty miles to the borderline of Tennessee.

It extends only a short distance into Virginia and consists mainly of rough, rugged terrain.

At one o'clock we were near a low sandy projection round which the coast extends to the East-North-East and forms a shallow bay.

There is a reef that extends for nearly a mile and a half off the cape, having a rocky islet at its extremity.

From this island a considerable shoal extends to the westward for six miles towards a peaked hill on the extremity of a point.

The most unproductive part appeared to be the narrow strip that extends towards Cape Van Diemen.