Extensions [noun]

Definition of Extensions:

enlargement, continuation

Opposite/Antonyms of Extensions:

Sentence/Example of Extensions:

Such nerve arms or extensions constitute the nerve-fibres, and bundles of these nerves, or nerve-trunks.

The extensions of the broad-gauge companies are, it is estimated, to cost 9,000 per mile for track and stations alone.

But by this time vast changes had taken place, and great extensions had arisen through private energy.

Both these regions are within the reach of mortals, and seem to be mere extensions of the terrestrial sphere.

One of the most remarkable extensions of the scope of taboo is the taboo which rests on relations by marriage.

This produces two thin-walled bulbs or extensions similar to those shown by c.

As halls of justice and places for commercial traffic, they may be regarded as covered extensions of the open squares.

The Hanover, on Bedford Avenue, is a fine modern double house, with extensions and remodelings.

Similar extensions of this grant soon followed down through Alabama and Mississippi.

Villous: Beset with short, undivided, hair-like extensions (Fig. 150, d).