Extenuating [adjective]

Definition of Extenuating:

serving as an excuse

Synonyms of Extenuating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extenuating:


Sentence/Example of Extenuating:

Above all, she had true vision of Stephen Arnold, glorifying nowhere, extenuating nothing.

The inquiry naturally occurs, Are there no extenuating circumstances to be adduced on the part of the Japanese?

I will gladly hear any extenuating circumstances that you may give, for I am loth to believe that you are guilty of treachery.

Ralph attempted no apology, or excused himself by extenuating circumstances.

He alone can judge how far the cruelty of Mr. Elliot was the outcome of extenuating circumstances.

In the case of any extenuating circumstances, the culprit may be sent to penal servitude with hard labour for twenty years.

There is not one extenuating circumstance to temper the indignation of him who believes in justice and humanity.

This rule is the most imperative one on the place, and the one in which no "extenuating circumstances" are taken into account.

In a torrent of hot words Roma poured out her trouble, hiding nothing, extenuating nothing, and naming and blaming no one.

Shakespeare considered it so near a vice as to need extenuating circumstances to make it a virtue.