Exterminates [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Exterminates:

Blessed nature, healthy, temperate nature, abhors and exterminates excess.

He exterminates many plants in large areas, and substitutes in large measure those of his choice.

And, further, the magistrate exterminates atheism and immoral religions.

Nature exterminates the weak; you condemn them to live, and by so doing, consign them to a life of misery.

It banishes free white labor, it exterminates the mechanic, the artisan, the manufacturer.

It is virtually axiomatic that no predatory species (other than modern man) exterminates its own food supply.

Baldus exterminates the whole vile multitude, while Fracassus pulls Gulfora's palace about her ears.

This process may often interfere with the general law of diffusion: as for instance, when man exterminates noxious animals.

It destroys all vegetation, except sage-brush and grease-wood, and exterminates all animals, except cayotes and Indians.

Generally speaking, it does not act on the advancing at all, but on the non-advancing, which it exterminates.