Externality [noun]

Definition of Externality:

external part of something

Synonyms of Externality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Externality:

Sentence/Example of Externality:

Animal meat gets to externalize a lot of its negatives — externalities like health care, ecological, worker welfare, animal welfare.

I think noise is one of the oldest externalities that we’ve had to deal with, and it is a natural byproduct of a lot of things that you want to do.

If these externalities hadn’t been acknowledged, perhaps we’d still be coughing in smoke-filled workplaces, planes, and restaurants.

In any case, there is a growing concern in many quarters over the externalities of meat production.

The externality, the pompousness of intention, the theatrical postures, was part of the romantic constitution.

There was in it a certain quality of externality that gained edge from the contrast with Mrs. Venables' all-reaching intimacy.

Hence, while he does not altogether avoid the poet as a character, his poets are drawn with a curious externality and detachment.

This superficiality or at least externality of relations is the source of actual conflict.

Is not all this semblance of externality in things a blessed foil to spiritual activity?

It becomes to me an externality, having extension and parts out of and distinct from each other.