Extinguished [verb]

Definition of Extinguished:

put out a fire

Synonyms of Extinguished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extinguished:





Sentence/Example of Extinguished:

She was a strong-souled, high-spirited girl, but tonight hope seemed extinguished in her breast.

How could eyes about to be extinguished for ever bear the light of two dear eyes in which the soul was only beginning to dawn?

The flame of organized insurrection was almost extinguished, but there still remained some dangerous embers.

Somebody was lighting a candle, which was at once extinguished when the door was open, and a gust of wind and rain swept in.

The lights were half extinguished, and a porter's voice cried, "Time's up, ladies and gentlemen!"

The Latin principality was extinguished, and the whole existence of the Franks was now confined to the city of Ptolemais.

Instantly the lamps were extinguished, and the bright beams of the floating light were gone!

A strong steady west wind and the fire would be blown towards the bay, where it could be extinguished from the marine boats.

A fiery gleam shot for a moment from his eyes, extinguished immediately by the thought that people were observing them.

She extinguished the light and came softly over to his side until her hand slipped through his arm.