Extinguishing [verb]

Definition of Extinguishing:

put out a fire

Synonyms of Extinguishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extinguishing:





Sentence/Example of Extinguishing:

In 2005, in a speech condemning the Republican majority’s threat to extinguish the filibuster against judicial nominees, then-Sen.

Before it’s time for bed, show your campers how to properly extinguish the fire, and have them perform the work themselves.

That last fire wasn’t a big one, causing just $50,000 in damage, and fire crews were able to extinguish it in just 24 minutes.

That’s the way to make sure it’s truly extinguished—with work not from the sky, but on the dirty ground.

The numbers of deaths and years of life extinguished due to excessive drinking have gone up since the last report.

Anger and humiliation extinguish my momentary impulse to rush to her assistance.

He discovers that no amount of austerities will extinguish desire, or produce ecstatic contemplation.

But Government with 15,000 Regulars in town, and every Gentleman (but one) on their side, must extinguish the flame.

These poor wretches fought for the last flicker of the lamp, which the bears wanted to extinguish altogether.

Vigilant priests were always ready to extinguish systems which could not be made to tally with their interests.