Extinguishment [noun]

Definition of Extinguishment:


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Sentence/Example of Extinguishment:

If the American dream of department stores wasn’t fully extinguished before 2020, the year of the pandemic will make sure it is.

To extinguish the heater, blow out the flame, wait for the rim of the can to cool, and cover with the plastic lid to keep remaining fuel from evaporating.

I use mine to make sure campfires are thoroughly extinguished and to dig latrine pits on virtually every camping trip I take.

There’s the tale of a river of burning whiskey in Dublin being extinguished by horse manure, and a ghost village above the Arctic Circle, accessible only by sea or snowmobile, where the world’s northernmost basketball court stands empty of play.

Municipal bots surge into hotspots—disinfecting, repairing flood barriers, extinguishing fires, or whatever the crisis calls for.

The war, liberation of slaves, the sudden extinguishment of millions of property, bankrupted the South.

The sum left, after paying the interest of it for the year, is annually applicable to the extinguishment of the principal.

Every time science has taken one of your mediums in hand he or she has suffered extinguishment.

One could not but pity the extinguishment of her poor little great affairs.

A dozen different stories from a dozen different people were told about the extinguishment of the electric lights.