Extirpating [verb]

Definition of Extirpating:

destroy; uproot

Synonyms of Extirpating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extirpating:

Sentence/Example of Extirpating:

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott has revamped the HR operation and strived to open lines of communication, though the climate of paranoia instilled by late network founder Roger Ailes will take years to extirpate.

He had, moreover, the adroitness to extirpate that rivalry which alone destroys all united effort.

After a reaction Louis renewed his efforts to extirpate the iniquity, and his son Philip continued to inflict severe penalties.

Many causes have combined to extirpate the shy and spirited fish.

One of the most pathetic of human fallacies is the assumption that you have only to pass a law in order to extirpate an evil.

Grant us to extirpate these impious Mahometans, and to overturn their empire.

Extirpate, Germanize, that is and has been the favorite policy of the government for decades, said Masaryk.

It is bad practice to attempt to extirpate the sac in such condition; such an operation usually terminates fatally.

The very Highlanders whom he now summoned to extirpate Prelacy he had a few years before summoned to defend it.

It should be the duty of every good man to extirpate it, and sweep it, if possible, from the face of the globe.