Extirpation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Extirpation:

It was a contest for extirpation, and ere it ended the flower of the English and the chivalry of the Indians were laid low.

Hundreds of the ablest judges were selected for the extirpation of this crime.

They may be operated on by means of incision or extirpation.

Margaret herself had been purposely kept in ignorance of the plan for the extirpation of the Protestants.

What prolific sources of disease are not those mineral and vegetable poisons, that have been introduced for its extirpation!

Total extirpation was resolved against those Indian nations which had taken part in the massacre.

The first settling of the Jews here was attended by an almost entire extirpation of all the former inhabitants.

It is said, however, that there it is threatened with extirpation, on account of these animals browsing it too closely.

They require plenty of air, the extirpation of green fly, and a moderate supply of water to preserve them in a healthy condition.

Hundt did not stand533 alone in his advocacy of the extirpation of the Jews.