Extols [verb]

Definition of Extols:

sing the praises of

Synonyms of Extols:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extols:

Sentence/Example of Extols:

She extols them both, and makes over to their joint care and tuition the fainéants aforesaid.

Among other virtues possessed by the Indians, Mr. Rogers extols their surprizing patience and equanimity of mind.

Diderot, as usual, energetically extols nature, as the one source and fountain of true artistic inspiration.

Would you know why the ungrateful reader extols and is fond of many works at home, unjustly decries them without doors?

The popular art that he extols is not an art belonging to the people, but that of an aristocracy interested in the people.

From the same motive, if it is possible to avoid it, he tells nothing to discredit the kings whom he thus extols.

While one party pleads for reformation and change, the other extols in the warmest terms the existing constitution of society.

Therefore, Peter extols such love, declaring it to be a virtue potent not only to bear but to cover "a multitude of sins."

Nevertheless she extols Lulli in her Mmoires: "He makes the most beatific airs in the world."

He is accordingly most gracious to Mrs. Connolly; praises her ham, extols her tea, says wonderful things about the chicken.