Extorting [verb]

Definition of Extorting:

cheat; blackmail

Synonyms of Extorting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extorting:

Sentence/Example of Extorting:

Falwell claims Liberty damaged his reputation, alleging the university accepted without verifying what he called false statements made by a man who had an affair with Falwell’s wife and attempted to extort the couple, according to the complaint.

In discussions monitored by the FBI, the hackers said they had hoped to extort $4 million from Tesla via the plot.

One day some commissioners called at her cell, hoping to extort from her the secret of her husband's retreat.

In reality, Alleyn wanted to extort a larger rental than £14 for the property, which had greatly increased in value.

His prisoners were tied up and beaten with naked cutlasses in order to extort information about their concealed hoards.

But as it was, the lady had sufficient power to extort a promise that I would devote myself to the work.

Besides, how could he be sure that Billy would not play upon his fears to extort further sums?

He had thought very fast, and he had determined that no bribe and no threat should extort a word of information from him.

This sum was given to her in three payments of 7s., and out of this guinea Mary Bateman had the inhumanity to extort 18s.

Gaolers who bought their places were paid by fees, and suffered to extort what they could.