Extracted [verb]

Definition of Extracted:

physically remove, draw out

Synonyms of Extracted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extracted:

Sentence/Example of Extracted:

He flourished in one hand his red mask and in the other a pompon which he had extracted from his pocket.

The acid is extracted from the juice of the citron, the lime, and the lemon, fruits grown in Sicily and the West Indies.

Veins of an inch or an inch and a half extracted from compact rock seldom have these intersections.

The big redhead had some difficulty getting into the pocket of his suit coat from which he extracted a card.

When this is boiled with alcohol, the glutin above referred to is extracted, and vegetable fibrine is left.

The broad black belt which he wore contained many secret pockets, and from one of these he extracted a ten-dollar bill.

The second High-Pockets produced a worn bill-fold and extracted a pink union permit.

For each guest there was a cocoa-nut shell, half-filled with miti, a sourish beverage extracted from the cocoa-palm.

On the way up she had extracted from his overcoat pocket the key of the cupboard where the bottle of whiskey was kept.

Lechmere silently drew his purse from his pocket and extracted a ten-pound note.