Extrapolate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Extrapolate:

“We’re taking a sample and using it to extrapolate to something larger,” said microbiologist Marc Johnson of the University of Missouri.

Craftily extrapolating from current events, Davies creates a fascinating future that serves as a vibrant backdrop for the compelling family saga.

From this we can extrapolate – unless there’s dramatic improvement in the economy – that holiday shoppers will be more selective and value conscious than last year.

In extrapolating their performance this season, the A’s could challenge their 2018 mark.

Researchers can extrapolate from there what is happening in the rest of the state or country.

The scientists had worked late, trying to extrapolate their data into some kind of prediction.

Jamison began to extrapolate from his observations out the control-room port, adding film-clips for authority.

He saw his shortcoming, but could not do anything to help it: he was unable to extrapolate ahead.

You doubt it will be Hoskins, because you can't extrapolate how he might break—or even if he would.

Cochrane cocked an eye at Jamison, who could extrapolate at the drop of an equation.