Extremely [adverb]

Definition of Extremely:

greatly, intensely

Opposite/Antonyms of Extremely:

Sentence/Example of Extremely:

On extremely steep terrain, if you can anchor your winch straight uphill, your machine cannot flip over backwards—the main risk when navigating this kind of country.

This naturally led to a rush of gamers flooding these storefronts in order to secure their own machine in time for its November 12 release date, which in turn resulted in broken links, site crashes, and extremely quick stock shortages.

The first two weeks of lockdown were extremely emotional to me.

By conducting a survey, we uncovered that 81% of the respondents would consider the voice app idea to be somewhat to extremely valuable and 70% would possibly to definitely use the voice app if it existed.

The context of rights for the LGBTQ community on the island is extremely limited, because same-sex couples cannot legally marry and they do not have the right to adoption.

Fundraising during an economic downturn is extremely difficult because no one knows how long it will last or how bad it will be.

Then, when pressure intensified on them to pull down the story, they put up an update to the story saying they stood by it and, again, that they had gotten the story from an extremely reliable source.

Many in the restaurant industry have been clamoring for more indoor dining allowances, arguing that there’s no way their businesses can survive on outdoor dining or extremely limited indoor dining alone.

Of course, you can be extremely extraverted in some respects, or in some contexts, and extremely introverted in other respects or contexts.

I found its techniques of breaking dreams into goals, goals into tasks, and tasks tracked to completion extremely simple yet effective.