Extremist [noun]

Definition of Extremist:

person zealous about a belief

Synonyms of Extremist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extremist:

Sentence/Example of Extremist:

Other platforms, such as 8chan, are typically where these extremist views originate, but Facebook is how they get distributed to the masses.

Now, extremist activity is increasingly moving out of the public eye, to closed groups on platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

Later, after Olson was pushed out for his extremist views, the Michigan Militia denied that McVeigh was representative of the group.

Collectively, the committee proposed an array of regulations for Mission Beach, and while the extremists might not have been satisfied, our full board voted overwhelmingly to support the proposal.

Yet terrorists and extremist groups are gathering strength while the world’s attention and resources are focused on combating the pandemic.

The global restrictions on travel mean it’s a lot harder to send extremists across borders to carry out bombings or shootings.

The latest telegrams from Berlin state that the Spartacus (Extremist) leaders are in extremis.

Hanged if I can imagine a white-haired, soft-spoken fellow like that as a dangerous Anarchist or Extremist.

The first room they entered was that in which Fordyce had interviewed the Extremist official.

Extremist though she be, woman is always consistent in her extremes; hence her power for good and for evil.