Extrude [verb]

Definition of Extrude:

force out

Synonyms of Extrude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extrude:

Sentence/Example of Extrude:

Other Tipulid on the contrary extrude their eggs joined end to end, so as to resemble a necklace of oval beads.

He notes the familiar fact that the vine-stump absorbed water before it began to extrude it.

What is lacking is an authority which can impose commands on the in-group and extrude blood revenge from it.

Ye have power, it is true, to extrude me from this new world, but my presence will be a bane to you in the old.

Pupipara: a series of Diptera, in which the females do not extrude the young until they have reached the stage ready to pupate.

In a few seconds the Synapta began to extrude its feathery gills, which had been partly retracted on disturbance.

The pieces of cotton cloth are then carefully pressed to extrude the oil.

Some mild eruptions merely discharge steam and other gases, whereas other eruptions quietly extrude quantities of lava.

It is not improbable that other species extrude their eggs in a similar case.

When does one and the same mirror seem now to withdraw the image into its depths, now to extrude it forth to view?