Extrusion [noun]

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They eventually hit upon extrusion—squeezing a “dough” made of ferrous fumarate mixed with semolina, water, and a tiny bit of shortening through a restaurant pasta machine, to create strands the diameter of angel-hair pasta.

In a few days after extrusion the eggs become crystal-like or hyaline in color, when the embryo can be seen in motion.

On receiving this sentence of extrusion, Portia turned upon her poet with a demand for pecuniary compensation.

A show of resistance made by the proctors of the clergy in the House of Commons was promptly met by their extrusion.

If two rows be used, as described above, extrusion of the ball is far less frequent than if one only be inserted.

So is there an extrusion on—on the rifle barrel which would produce that?

Now, would this be caused by an extrusion in the barrel or a concavity in the barrel?

Such an extrusion of the foetus is called a complete tubal abortion.

After the extrusion of the polar bodies there are 24 chromosomes in the egg.

He slipped it into the breast-pocket of his coat, almost heedless of the slight extrusion it made there.