Exudate [noun]

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In addition to exudates, microbes in the rhizosphere also eat organic matter in the soil, transforming it into nutrients and compounds that plants need.

The moist corn is that in which a great amount of inflammatory exudate is the most prominent symptom.

In the Moist Corn we have, in addition to the blood extravasation, the outpouring of the inflammatory exudate.

On the fourth he was cast, and the discharge—partly inflammatory exudate, and partly a sanious foetid pus—liberated.

Other operators sometimes give the exudate escape while making the grooves in what is now known as 'Smith's Operation.'

The first matter that here demands our attention is that of allowing the exudate to escape at the sole.

The Gyropeltes, however, regards this exudate as delicious food and rapidly removes and devours it.

The fluid juice or the aqueous solution of the milky exudate is precipitated by the addition of ten times the volume of alcohol.

Autopsy: Both guinea-pigs showed marked congestion and a moderate degree of exudate in the peritoneum.

The peritoneum showed some fibrinous exudate and mesenteric vessels.