Exudation [noun]

Definition of Exudation:

body's perspiring

Synonyms of Exudation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exudation:

Sentence/Example of Exudation:

Collect specimens of pus or other exudation in capillary pipettes for subsequent examination.

It is also shown in wood and combustibles where exudation sometimes takes place, and evaporation always.

The wax, then, is produced by the insect by exudation, and is not simply the pollen gathered from flowers.

Whatever pruning you must do, do it in the hottest summer weather, and the wounds will dry and prevent the exudation of gum.

An exudation from the stems of cherry, plum, and some other of the Rosace.

The gummy exudation of the Astragalus verus, hardened by the air.

The pleura pulmonalis had (where there wore no adhesions) interspersed over it patches of false exudation, of a dark brown colour.

There was a rough brown exudation upon the surface of the peritoneum and intestines.

There was a light-brown exudation, extending over serous lamina of the pericardium and the surface of the heart.

Its walls were thin, various patches of brown exudation extending over both pleuræ.