Exude [verb]

Definition of Exude:

display, emit

Synonyms of Exude:

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Sentence/Example of Exude:

We elephants never fear anyone or hate anyone and that is why we exude no stench, but a tiger has to live by killing.

Sea-sand is excluded from the mortar employed, on account of its tendency to imbibe and exude moisture.

At night they could exude a vapor which was capable of dissolving the material from which the clothing had been made.

This liquid may be seen to exude, under different circumstances, from the trunk of the gnat, like a drop of very clear water.

Flies feed principally on fluids which exude from the bodies of animals; that is, sweat, saliva, and other secretions.

The ideas of his time, good, bad and indifferent, exude from him at every pore.

The tonsils swell up and the follicles exude a thick fluid which looks like curdled cream.

The orifice of the duct can usually be seen red and prominent, and may exude pus if pressure be made over the abscess-sac.

The oil occurs in the corniferous limestone, and buildings constructed of this stone frequently exude petroleum in hot weather.

The Abyss seems to exude a stupefying atmosphere of torpor, which wraps about them and deadens them.