Exudes [verb]

Definition of Exudes:

display, emit

Synonyms of Exudes:

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Sentence/Example of Exudes:

The tobacco should not be removed from the poles when it drips or the juice exudes from either the stalk or the leaves.

They always ate the corn green in the cob, with a kind of vegetable “milk” that exudes from one of the palm-trees.

That which exudes from plants, as opposed to those formed by art.

The substance is commonly extracted by making a cut in the bark, from which the oily matter exudes.

The juice exudes from incisions made in the bark, and when dried, is removed by a knife or chisel.

Make an incision in its bark, wherever you will, and it exudes a white lacteal fluid, which hardens on exposure to the air.

It yields the substance called manna, which is obtained by making incisions in the bark, when the juice exudes and hardens.

It also exudes from the articulations of its abdomen a yellow mucilaginous liquid, of a pungent and disagreeable odour.

Gum exudes from the wound, mixed with their castings, and indicates their presence.

The Druses reverently kiss this impression, asserting that the rock exudes moisture, and that it is never dry.