Exultantly [adverb]

Definition of Exultantly:

with joy, pleasure

Opposite/Antonyms of Exultantly:

Sentence/Example of Exultantly:

"Two of them," he thought exultantly, as he held himself and the cowboy against the trunk of a tree.

She owed her position to Jane, a position from which, Addy exultantly declared, not even earthquakes could remove her.

He was still exultantly certain of this as he jerked open the doors of the first three rooms.

And again and again did she exultantly laugh at the evidences of pain which the poor creature could not avoid displaying.

"We shall send Spain a far handsomer bride than she sent to us," said Le Glorieux exultantly.

A silvery gleam fell on the girl as a billow of cloud rolled slowly from a rift of blue, and she laughed almost exultantly.

Now, for the first time in his life, he was exultantly conscious of seeing things with his own eyes.

And Zizi exultantly went, hoping against hope that she was on her way to learn something of real importance.

Ruths heart throbbed exultantly and she smiled, although there were tears in her eyes.

Abud was just a little way behind, bellowing exultantly, when we came to the jumping-off place.