Exulted [verb]

Definition of Exulted:

be joyful

Synonyms of Exulted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exulted:

Sentence/Example of Exulted:

This time it’s a half-hour with Hall of Famer Jeff Contompasis, who exults in his persona of Ultra-Invite-Nerd, delving into odd bits of Loser arcana and telling about his patented Vitey-Sense about which contest will be coming up next.

They exulted amid their keenest pangs that they were counted worthy to suffer for their divine Master.

Wrapped in their fiery vesture and shroud of flame, they yet exulted in their glorious victory.

A fine girl and boy were born to them; and need I say how their hearts expanded and exulted, and seemed to grow twice as large.

Enemies exulted, foretelling an early dissolution of the feeble bands which held the dangerous Colony together.

"It's pretty," the child exulted as she shook out the soft folds.

Santry exulted, as they left the lights of Crawling Water behind them.

Hell steal no more of my Old Jamaica, exulted Briggs, flinging himself into a chair by the table.

Jess knew what the look in her eyes meant as she watched the dancing; she knew and her heart exulted.

"Well, thank goodness, my tail is so short they will have a good time tying anything on it," exulted Stubby.