Eyeballing [verb]

Definition of Eyeballing:

check into thoroughly

Opposite/Antonyms of Eyeballing:

Sentence/Example of Eyeballing:

Your eyeballs won’t specifically notice that little bit of extra density, but it’s indicative of the fact that the 12 Pro has a really beautiful OLED display.

Quibi entered a crowded market and the startup struggled to peel eyeballs away from entrenched rivals ranging from Google’s YouTube to Netflix to TikTok, with Disney, HBO, Showtime, CBS, and plenty others in between.

Subatomic particles of dark matter could be drifting through your eyeball at this very moment, or there might conceivably be bubble universes beyond the horizon of ours.

Now the company is looking to convert its record traffic and those eyeballs into sales.

Though we can’t sense their quivering, our eyeballs vibrate at a very similar frequency.

To outmanoeuvre rivals and capture eyeballs first, brands must make fast yet informed decisions about which approach will produce the ideal outcome.

In an increasingly digital world, with more time spent on screens and more competition for those eyeballs, paying attention to the “small” details of micro-video and microbrowsers is an opportunity that can’t be overlooked.