Eyeless [adjective]

Definition of Eyeless:

unable to see

Synonyms of Eyeless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eyeless:


Sentence/Example of Eyeless:

Cæcus, however, being Latin for blind, the allusion is no doubt to the fact that this wholly subterranean species is eyeless.

As the eye of day had closed and the cannibal slept, Eyeless-Needle, from under the bed, pricked him.

The faceless, eyeless armed man above me kept his gun very level.

All were like the one who held them, thick long worm bodies with projecting tentacles and with black eyeless faces.

Then the upreared eyeless thing began to move his long tentacles.

There was something gross and even evil in that eyeless and alien god among the most innocent of the English flowers.

Old England read of an 'eyeless carcase' heroically stepping up to time for three rounds of mashing punishment.

And over him the heavens, like an eyeless face, smiled down with calm, untroubled purpose.

Mr Bloom walked behind the eyeless feet, a flatcut suit of herringbone tweed.

It is in these rivers, that the extraordinary white eyeless fish are caught—we secured two of them.