Eyelets [noun]

Definition of Eyelets:

circle, spiral

Synonyms of Eyelets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eyelets:


Sentence/Example of Eyelets:

It wasn’t until he saw a local artist’s painting of malji—a blue canvas covered in pink and red eyelets—that he realized the word also described the bubbles of light that indicate where the catch might be.

Presently he was rewarded by finding a small eyelet hole in the side of the mattress.

There was a little eyelet, a square hole with a flap buttoned down over it, on a level with their heads.

Doolga wrung Silka's hand, that she still clutched, as they knelt side by side on the sheepskin looking through the eyelet.

Eyelet-hole: Holes in a sail through which a lacing is passed or reef nettles rove.

And he crushed one between his fingers, and put the other into the eyelet of his boot to strangle it.

And eyelet work and French knots and run lace—that's what the big girls who come to see Polly talk about.

The eyelet suddenly splits into an outlet, and the jilted maiden, cast off by her sisters, collapses upon the floor.

Eyelet embroidery is a simple over and over stitch forming a smooth, round edge.

Like satin stitch, all outlines are run with an even darning stitch, except the very small eyelet holes, made with a stiletto.