Eyesight [noun]

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Synthetic mRNA could artificially produce missing or defective proteins in the body, such as those critical for normal eyesight or nerve function.

The foster-father, who was an American resident in Hong-Kong, found his eyesight gradually failing him.

Now, the only way for us to know anything beyond our eyesight, is to examine it, and gather testimony about it.

My health is good: only one thing troubles me a little—my eyesight, which is tried by my work.

The mat shop is beginning to affect my health: the dust has inflamed my throat, and my eyesight is weakening in the constant dusk.

His eyebrows were drawn down, as if the process of storing up eyesight for his old age was somewhat laborious.

I guess nobody ever hankered after gettin' stiff j'ints an' losin' their eyesight an' so.

Alas, no; men fatally destitute of true eyesight, and of loyal heart first of all.

He was too deeply concerned with the dreadful test that fully restored eyesight would impose on Doris.

A pair of spectacles with large, round glasses leads one to conclude that he injured his eyesight early with much reading.