Eyewitness [noun]

Definition of Eyewitness:

person who sees an event occur

Synonyms of Eyewitness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eyewitness:

Sentence/Example of Eyewitness:

A later analysis of eyewitness videos by the New York Times put the time at eight minutes and 15 seconds.

He has been an eyewitness to people around the world suffering from similar viruses.

Neither my wife as victim, nor I as eyewitness, was ever contacted.

Then, having finished the eyewitness part of his task, he recalled a section of road over which he had passed, and pushed.

Never mind; let us talk of cut and thrust, as though I were an eyewitness.

"A grand spectacle for an unconcerned eyewitness," said an officer to his neighbor.

A calmer eyewitness quite absolves the Bude men from all blame—to render more help had been impossible.

Calamities of which he himself was at once an eyewitness and a most faithful recorder.

I had it from an eyewitness, but the details are wholly unfit for publication.

During my residence there I had an opportunity of being an eyewitness but to one muck.