Eying [verb]

Definition of Eying:

gaze at, scrutinize

Synonyms of Eying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eying:

Sentence/Example of Eying:

At this point Harry entered and stood afar off, eying Punch, a disheveled heap in the corner of the room, with disgust.

All the wrong wrought was his, and yet he sat there, calmly eying me, as though he were a righteous judge and I the culprit.

An old woman, after eying me a long time, said to me: 'You seem to be the right kind of a girl.

Lawton was already in the saddle, eying the opposite extremity of the valley with the eagerness of expectation.

Gardener Jim, going home from his work, came up to the fence and leaned on it, eying the garden critically.

"My father is a great hunter, too," she said simply, eying wistfully the road taken by Bruce into town.

Eying her a moment, he bit it off, and put the rest in her hand with a grim smile.

They were both down beside the babe again, Tess eying the mother eagerly.

"Venus must take the thing home," said Mrs. Gano, eying the wailing one with coldness.

Here he stopped, waiting for orders, eying M. Paul with almost speaking intelligence.