Fabled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fabled:

Bell and Giro’s fabled Dome facility has been the site of any number of stories and tours for journalists.

Like West Yellowstone, Cody is a gateway town to the fabled park.

Morrall held the 1972 Miami Dolphins together during their fabled perfect championship season until Bob Griese recovered from injury to return for the Super Bowl.

It seems less a state than a fabled land hatched from Aesop or the Brothers Grimm.

It almost didn’t matter that on the pièce de résistance of our visit, a one-night stay in the fabled Granite Park Chalet, it was freezing, rainy, and utterly without views.

As a professor, she taught that lower unemployment would lead to rising inflation—the fabled Phillips curve.

But now, as if some fabled genii had come to his aid, fortune had suddenly poured her favours into his lap.

He compared genius to the fabled tree of Teneriffe, whose branches discharged showers of refreshing water.

The fabled sword of Damocles hangs suspended over my head, still it may never fall.

He saw Peru with its riches; he saw fabled Cathay; he saw the uttermost isles of the distant sea.