Fables [noun]

Definition of Fables:

fantasy, story

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Sentence/Example of Fables:

The characterizing details of some of the great fables, however, disappear in Mandeville's English.

It is not surprising that many of the fables which Mandeville chose to translate anticipate the themes of his great work.

As soon as we admit of such a God, there are no longer fables or visions which can not be believed.

Fables were the creations of those who sought to amuse or control the people, who have ever delighted in the marvellous.

The Greeks adopted Oriental fables, and accommodated them to those heroes who figured in their own country in the earliest times.

Theological fables are useful but to tyrants, who do not understand the art of ruling over reasonable beings.

Now one is told he is somewhat of a pickle, but fables about royalty may always be received with more than a grain of salt.

None of these nursery stories have come down to us, but Quintilian tells us that Aesop's fables resembled them.

Certain it is, that most of the fables which have been related of the hyna, took their rise from the civet.

This city is the rival of Sidon in magnitude, fame, and antiquity, as recorded in many fables.