Fabulist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fabulist:

The born poet still talks that way, he is naturally a fabulist and cannot help himself.

Some of these folk-tales suggest the ingenuity of a fabulist.

Querulously he complained that people would not take him seriously, that they treated him as a fabulist.

In 1664 La Fontaine published his first collection of fables, and it gave him immediately the very highest rank as a fabulist.

La Fontaine, the fabulist, was buried by the side of Moliere, who died long before him.

So speaks my friend in the expressive Provençal idiom, rehabilitating the creature so libelled by the fabulist.

This is rather an imitation than a translation of the poem of the graceful French fabulist.

He asks a sage whether a fabulist writing after La Fontaine would not be wise to consign his work to the flames.

The fabulist who writes of Britannicus and Nero appeals to the few who know Roman history.

Hence Æsop's fables are spoken of by Aristophanes as something laughable, and the fabulist came to be regarded as a humorist.