Fabulous [adjective]

Definition of Fabulous:

amazing, wonderful

Opposite/Antonyms of Fabulous:

Sentence/Example of Fabulous:

There was a Basque place along the way that made jellied beef sausage, and a diner in Idaho Falls with “fabulous” fried chicken and, as James scribbled in his daybook, “biscuits light as a feather.”

As I’ve begun to explore old haunts, some are doing a fabulous job.

The mechanical knobs and buttons look fabulous and I have no doubt turn with a wonderful tactility.

The store selection and staff are fabulous, and all summer long they’re donating a portion of sales to the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice.

I’m ready to write the TV show about Turnbull’s fabulous career at absolutely any time.

For Slavin, the wonder of computers is “That they can generate this fabulous, complex randomness.”

Not only will your imagined headline look fabulous on the front page of CNBC, but it will look great as a subject line to your email pitches.

Was a pupil of Caspar Netscher of Heidelberg, whose little pictures are of fabulous value.

In the evening the little theatre is illuminated regardless of expense, a fabulous sum being expended on extra lamps.

The Spaniards and Portuguese at first controlled the trade in tobacco, and extorted most fabulous prices for it.