Fabulously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Fabulously:

We speak of a very rich man as a Crœsus, a word which was the name of a fabulously rich tyrant in Ancient Greece.

But it was fabulously gigantic in the eyes of our adventurers, who had never seen a serpent of any kind before.

He's one of those fabulously rich fellows out of the City who make a hundred thousand pounds at a blow.

She was golden and white, like an autumnal birch-tree—yellow hair, with warm-toned streaks in it, shading a fabulously fair skin.

The English heiress must have a wedding-dress that would figure in the papers, and, even in the States, be fabulously splendid.

He is said to be fabulously rich, and to possess palaces in the East, and gems and treasures of all kinds.

Immediately upon the left rose one of the fabulously high buildings for which the ancient city had been famous.

Fabulously rich merchants, on arriving at the Pirus, sought access to Myrrhina's house through the good offices of friends.

True collectors and book-fanciers still strove with one another to obtain choice, beautiful, and fabulously expensive volumes.

I saw that she was pleased with this fabulously; but I did not take it ill of her.