Faced [verb]

Definition of Faced:

come up against a situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Faced:

Sentence/Example of Faced:

Another NASA project that’s faced delay after delay, the JWST is one of the most ambitious scientific missions in recent memory.

Then, in the 2000s, McDonald’s faced criticism over America’s obesity rates and finger-wagging from books and films such as Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me.

Stafstrom recently discovered that ogre-faced spiders can hear both low- and high-pitched sounds.

Pronghorn evolved to outrun the now-extinct North American cheetah, dire wolf, and short-faced bear.

When they reopened, they could only operate at 25% capacity and faced road closures and transportation issues.

The square-faced, three-legged alien shoves and jostles to get at the enormous plant taking over its tiny planet.

I pictured him as slim and young looking, smooth-faced, with golden curly hair, and big brown eyes.

She was a plump-faced, insipid child, with fair hair and pale blue eyes, stolid and bovine in their expressionlessness.

"I'll take charge of this, Captain Dobson," he brusquely informed the red-faced numskull.

He was a good judge of men, that eagle-faced major; he knew that the slightest move with hostile intent would mean a smoking gun.