Facets [noun]

Definition of Facets:

surface; aspect

Synonyms of Facets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Facets:



Sentence/Example of Facets:

The way they take a subject and look at it from numerous angles, uncovering meaning in every facet, is so inspiring and motivating.

I chose them to learn every facet of my own business so that when I started my own business, I didn’t need to hire anyone for the first few years.

An unusually disruptive year, 2020 has seen every facet of the way we live, and think for that matter, upended.

The force driving each of these cases is machismo, an attitude ingrained in nearly every facet of Colombian society.

Watson Advertising offers marketers and agencies a suite of media, data, and AI technology solutions to help improve decision-making and reduce costs across key facets of the marketing lifecycle – from media planning through measurement.

It had two pilasters of stone cut in facets, and the coping represented a reclining woman holding a cornucopia.

At Sixty-first Street he halted before the revolving facets of the entrance to Costellos.

Aladdin's Cave it was dubbed—a truly magical world of glassy facets and scintillating crystals.

A ray for every invisible atom that dances in the air—for the million million changing facets of the million ocean waves.

When broken it exhibits large shining facets, in a variety of positions.