Facilitated [verb]

Definition of Facilitated:

assist the progress of

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Sentence/Example of Facilitated:

Moreover, the platform itself facilitates shopping by adding shopping tags and checkout options to the posts.

As the Google saga unfolds, vertical search engines are well-positioned to grow by facilitating business-to-business commerce.

Only 2% of the loans Ant currently facilitates show up on its balance sheet.

Since team members cannot walk over to each other’s desks for a quick chat, it has become key for upper management to determine how best to facilitate teamwork.

Shower loofahsBecause they facilitate rapid bacteria growth, shower loofahs should be replaced every three months, or “more frequently if you’re not invested in rinsing them after every use,” Berliet says.

The historical society decided to begin facilitating town “elections” as a creative way to bring the community together, while simultaneously raising money for the nonprofit organization, which maintains the town’s buildings.

Specifically, Beijing has taken issue with banks having to underwrite the loans that Ant facilitates between banks and consumers.

Ant generates revenue by collecting fees from banks for facilitating the loans.

DeJoy said in public statements that facilitating an election in which a record 198 million Americans were eligible to vote by mail was his “sacred duty” and that the agency was up to the task.

To facilitate easier transfers of cash, others have proposed connecting more people to the financial system through using post offices as public banks, skipping the IRS entirely.