Facilitates [verb]

Definition of Facilitates:

assist the progress of

Synonyms of Facilitates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Facilitates:

Sentence/Example of Facilitates:

The rough condition of the bark facilitates considerably the task of climbing up the tree.

This facilitates entrance into the body, but on turning to take it out it tears and rends savagely.

Their shape also facilitates alteration of position of the parent bird to secure an equal distribution of warmth and ventilation.

Is it true that a crown is the principle which causes the production of all the objects whose exchange it facilitates?

It is an important part of sorting, and when well done greatly facilitates the making of good, uniform matchings.

It may be as well to say that soaking for a few minutes in cold water facilitates the solution of the Extract of Meat.

Association or co-operation facilitates only the growth of certain faculties whilst checking the development of others.

It facilitates the operation to introduce the lowest sutures first and then gradually work up to the fundus.

If a streamlet of water flows through this gallery, it facilitates the flow of the air along the lower compartment.

This facilitates entrance and gives the hospitable impression that everything is made easy to those who are coming in.