Facilitating [verb]

Definition of Facilitating:

assist the progress of

Synonyms of Facilitating:

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Sentence/Example of Facilitating:

If yours is one of the many households that has acquired a fire pit to help you cope with the upcoming hellish winter or facilitate a safer gathering for Thanksgiving, you might consider doing this cocktail over it.

As going to stores became more risky over time, many shoppers turned to buying more goods from the internet, bolstering e-commerce players like Shopify and BigCommerce, as well as companies that facilitate online payments, like Square and PayPal.

While Paul is set to earn $41 million this season and holds a $44 million option for next season, Phoenix had sliced its payroll and had cap space to use to facilitate this move.

The third was based on semiconductors, which facilitated the data processing that automated production and spawned the digital age.

It wants to replace debit and credit cards for the next generation, not only lending funds to pay for that $2,000 couch or stationary bike, but also facilitating the banal payments.

Such a program would guarantee green loans and facilitate private lending for initiatives that would improve environmental and industrial development.

One of the newest of these papers, out this week in the journal PeerJ, looks at the importance of tropical peatlands in facilitating disease spread and the impact of the pandemic on tropical peatland conservation and human health.

Mathematics has its own language, developed over many years, to facilitate communication among mathematicians.

Diversity and inclusion officers therefore have the challenge of facilitating an “ongoing conversation,” as McIntyre puts it, in which those leaders may feel safe asking questions and talking about, and learning about, these issues.

In the past two years, Wyoming has passed a series of laws to facilitate crypto commerce and recently granted charters to two banks that will allow them to perform a variety of transactions using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.