Factional [adjective]

Definition of Factional:

narrow-minded, exclusive

Synonyms of Factional:

Opposite/Antonyms of Factional:

Sentence/Example of Factional:

The strength of the new party was frittered away in doctrinaire factional strife between the single taxers and the socialists.

This factional struggle greatly complicates every revolutionary movement.

The struggle for place is continued as a factional fight within the newly ruling crowd.

We were too near the fight still, and there were party wounds to be bound up and little factional sores that had to be healed.

It is very painful to me that you in Missouri cannot or will not settle your factional quarrel among yourselves.

But he had the advantage of escaping the bitter factional feeling within the party against each of these leaders.

In the lower form there are personal jealousies and factional contests which prevent united action under elected leaders.

But as the years passed factional division grew more and more pronounced.

More harmful than these quarrels were the factional disputes between the civil and military officials.

It is very painful to me that you, in Missouri cannot, or will not, settle your factional quarrel among yourselves.