Factions [noun]

Definition of Factions:

group sharing a belief or cause

Synonyms of Factions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Factions:

Sentence/Example of Factions:

Hence arise factions, dissensions, and loss to their religious interests and work; and these intruders seek to rule the others.

They split up into rival factions, each one wanting to set up a government of its own.

The doors of the House of Commons were again besieged by the two great contending factions of the City.

He also had a good deal to do with Ireland, when, as now, the country was torn by contending factions.

His voice had been heard in the Riding Hall where friends were daily being divided and factions made.

Not infrequently also a tribe was divided against itself, and a civil war was raging between the two factions.

Between the factions, the grim young men stood with their guns like statues.

The national assembly was divided into desperate factions, which often turned their arms against one another.

The object of Gracchus was to break the political union between the two factions by arousing the points of antagonism.

So, even before it got started, I had my rival factions at work.