Factories [noun]

Definition of Factories:

manufacturing plant

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Sentence/Example of Factories:

The endless miles of railways, the vast apparatus of the factories, the soaring structures of the cities bear easy witness to it.

Snuff is very extensively used in the mills and factories of Lancashire.

He saw this water pouring over other dams, turning water wheels, giving power to mills and factories.

At this hour these places are full of workmen in white and blue blouses, and young girls from the neighboring factories.

It is only during the last few years that we European women have been allowed to visit or remain in the factories at Canton.

The tobacco factories in the country are stated to give employment to one million operatives.

The Birmingham factories are feverishly busy making dum-dum and explosive bullets.

Several factories where counterfeit bread tickets were printed have been discovered in Berlin.

In that explosion all our noble civilization-factories went up in the air and disappeared from the earth.

Ivan sent the young men at his own expense to factories abroad, where they learned the arts of civilization.