Factors [noun]

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The recent fires resulted from a combination of local and global factors, but human mismanagement — from climate change to deforestation to neglecting controlled burns — is the backdrop of each crisis.

As Google’s official representatives informed us, E-A-T is not in itself a ranking factor.

Developmental researchers acknowledge that many personal and social factors interact throughout life.

Even though Google is planning to move away from backlinks in the future, they still remain the most important ranking factor for your pages.

The relative closeness of the election is a factor here, too.

This included factoring in census data and seeing if the evacuation rates could be explained by other factors.

As with everything in nutrition, it also depends on other lifestyle factors and your goals.

Several factors have come together to make it a great year for the precious metal.

The availability of jobs for teenagers itself is a factor too — you’ll find older people working at takeaway joints today than you would have a generation ago.

We’re built on businesses that don’t have any fat on their bones so that became a mitigating factor when we had to make our own cost cuts earlier in the year.